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Shareware programs for finansing your business.

Small Business Administration adds software programs for downloading based on the software's apparent usefulness to small businesses and its unavailability elsewhere.

DOS Program 226k 04/27/93 Easy to use amortization program.

DOS Program 114k 02/02/95 Loan amortization program.

DOS Program 295k 03/14/93 As Easy As spreadsheet program.1/2.

DOS Program 106k 03/09/94 As Easy As spreadsheet program. 2/2.

DOS Program 123k 03/04/93 Easy double entry Accounting Sys.

DOS Program 76k 07/06/93 Loan Amortization, Projections.

Windows Program 171k 04/29/93 Windows Amortization program.

DOS Program 324k 05/27/93 Lotus Clone Spreadsheet.

DOS Program 213k 06/21/94 Bank Account manager.

DOS Program 37k 03/04/93 Checkbook Maintenance program.

DOS Program 683k 07/27/94 "Basic Accounting" revision 1.6b.

DOS Program 193k 03/29/95 Own Basic Business Book Keeping One Entry.

Windows Program 246k 11/17/93 Business calculator for Windows.

DOS Program 131k 02/18/94 Loan tracking and contact management.

Windows Program (2129k) (3/99) Checkbook Accounting for new business and home. (Freeware)

DOS Program 32k 07/12/93 Track Bills; paid and unpaid.

Windows Program 136k 12/08/94 The Bill Drawer, organizes your bill payments Windows

DOS Program 127k 03/04/93 Small Business Billing program.

DOS Program 372k 09/13/94 Billpower - Invoicing program.

DOS Program 323k 09/02/94 Billtime 3.2 invoicing program.

DOS Program 358k 11/18/93 Business Accounts Mgt. Program.

DOS Program 251k 02/01/95 Business Plan Master v2.9. Pre-formatted template files make it easy for you to create and save you weeks of time.

DOS Program bonds!.zip 139k 04/29/93 Bond yield and value calculator.

DOS Program 96k 02/01/95 Simple Bookkeeper v3.0. Accounting system for small businesses. Tracks purchases, expenses, sales, income, profit and loss for a one year period.

DOS Program 122k 02/24/94 "Bookkeeping Made Painless".

Windows Program (3450k) (3/99) BS/1 Small Business 1.6d - Small Business Accounting - Bill customers, pay vendors and manage accounting. (Demo)

DOS Program 192k 04/29/93 Bi-weekly income budget program.

DOS Program 192k 04/29/93 Weekly Income Budget Program.

DOS Program 138k 01/26/93 2 Programs: The Simple bookkeeper and The Billing Statement.

DOS Program 165k 12/09/92 Assorted Business Accounting pgms.

Windows Program 175k 02/01/95 Client Biller v2.1 Client invoicing

DOS Program 332k 06/06/94 "Checkbook Plus" v5.7 Cash management system.

DOS Program 125k 04/06/93 Talking checkbook.

DOS Program 129k 01/29/93 Check writing and accounting pgm.

DOS Program 132k 01/29/93 Check writing/expense tracking pgm.

Windows Program 67k 11/18/93 Checkbook for Windows.

DOS Program 305k 11/18/93 Complete check printing/acct tracking.

Windows Program 18k 12/08/94 Schwab Stock Commission calculator Windows

DOS Program 469k 01/31/94 "Cash Flow" 3.5.1 Manage cash flow.

DOS Program 703k 11/02/94 Accts Rec./Inventory/Invoicing Disk 1.

DOS Program 409k 11/02/94 Accts Rec./Inventory/Invoicing disk 2.

DOS Program 66k 03/15/94 "Debt Manager" v1.04 debt management util.

DOS Program 98k 03/31/93 Debt reduction analysis program.

DOS Program 358k 09/02/94 Debt Collector 2.2.

DOS Program 320k 08/31/94 Expense Log 2.2a - expense tracking and reporting.

Windows Program 8k 06/23/94 Electricity usage and cost estimator Windows

DOS Program 367k 02/01/95 EZ-Biller v4.0. Invoicing and inventory program for any size business.

DOS Program 40k 12/02/92 Self extracting estimate costs.

DOS Program 244k 09/02/94 "Express Check" v4.04 A completely menu driven checkbook manager in which various screens look just like paper checks, deposit slips, etc.

DOS Program 274k 03/09/94 EZ Billing and Invoicing Program.

DOS Program ezfinanc.Zip 236k 11/17/93 "ez-Finance" personal finance mgt.

DOS Program 200k 07/07/94 "Easy Stock Analyzer" v2.0.

DOS Program 330k 01/28/94 "Fast Bucks" checking program.

DOS Program 216k 03/05/93 "Fast Bucks" finance manager.

DOS Program 13k 12/08/94 Hourly rate calculator for consultants.

DOS Program 375k 08/26/93 Princeton "real quick" amortization prog.

DOS Program 119k 01/27/94 Financial calculator.

DOS Program 39k 11/17/93 Collection of financial analysis programs.

DOS Program 105k 03/05/93 Financial manager.

DOS Program 233k 03/22/94 "Flexbill v5.2 Invoicing/billing program.

DOS Program 256k 03/05/93 Financial planner.

DOS Program 425k 09/02/94 "Fundraiser Basic" v1.10 Donor management software that tracks donors, donations, codes, and notes and automatically prints thank you letters and labels.

DOS Program 112k 03/15/94 "Mutual FUNDamentals" v94.1 directory of mutual funds and historical return data.

DOS Program 471k 03/09/94 "Fixed Asset Pro" depreciation software.

DOS Program 413k 02/01/95 General Invoice Sales Tracker Plus v2.02. Income/billing program for firms needing "Descriptive Invoices" which contain more than just "Numbers".

DOS Program 123k 02/02/93 Accounting/billing pgm.

DOS Program 211k 03/09/94 "Home Budget Management System" v4.3.

DOS Program 89k 04/25/94 "Home Basis Record Manager" v1.5 keep track of costs/expenses associated with real estate for tax purposes.

DOS Program 322k 03/09/94 Lotus clone spreadsheet pgm.

DOS Program 155k 11/18/93 "The Interest Analyzer" v2.33.

DOS Program 286k 02/02/93 Receivables and billing pgm.

Windows Program 70k 12/08/94 Invoice-It makes sales invoices, uses .dbf format Windows.

DOS Program 483k 06/22/94 "The Invoice Store" v3.1.

DOS Program 145k 03/30/95 I'm no accountant bookeeping system.

Windows Program (695k) (9/99) JAS 95 v1.4: Amortization Schedule Calulator. (Shareware) and (61kb) Upgrade, version 1.4 adds scalability

DOS Program 217k 05/25/94 "Legal Time Billing" v10.7.

DOS Program 86k 03/15/94 "LoansMgr" v2.4c Loan management utility.

DOS Program 70k 02/02/93 Loan amortization pgm.

Windows Program 33k 12/08/94 Working model of loan package, needs Windows.

DOS Program 91k 12/08/92 Amortization Loan Manager.

DOS Program locfin.txt 64k 07/17/95 Library of Congress Financial Sources of information.

DOS Program 35k 03/31/93 Freeware; Loan calculation program.

DOS Program 164k 02/22/94 Add payment requests, graphic messages, shipping instructions, or gen'l office information to documents.

DOS Program 194k 03/15/94 "Lifetime Wealth Management" investment manager and organizer.

Windows Program 80k 04/07/93 Windows 3.X mortgage program.

DOS Program 327k 07/26/94 Track mutual funds performance.

DOS Program 150k 02/02/93 Modern Microcomputers Billing pgm.

Windows Program 317k 03/22/94 "Moneysmith" v3.0a Windows-full featured double entry accounting system, financial calculator and investment tracking system.

DOS Program 11k 07/27/94 Money manager for qbasic.

DOS Program 29k 02/02/93 Small program to calc. payments/interest.

DOS Program 113k 03/06/93 Mortgage amortization program.

Windows Program 72k 12/08/94 Money Smith Windows financial calculator.

DOS Program 45k 06/23/94 NYSE common stks, %yield, P/E, earnings/share.

DOS Program 207k 09/02/94 "Owl Basic Bookkeeping" v2.1 An easy to use bookkeeping program for individuals and small businesses.

DOS Program 587k 03/09/94 "Painless" Accounting v5.4.

Windows Program 295k 01/23/95 Painless Payroll For Windows 3.0.

Windows Program 337k 01/23/95 Painless Accounting For Windows.

DOS Program 131k 08/11/93 Print payment coupons.

Windows Program 27k 01/23/95 Windows application figures out loan payoffs.

DOS Program 154k 06/29/93 Amortization table program.

DOS Program 369k 03/15/94 "PC Chart" v1.5 Helps you decide when to buy and sell stocks and commodities.

DOS Program 249k 09/02/94 "Pelton's Financial Utilities" v2.0a A collection of financial utilities.

DOS Program 306k 02/01/95 Paper Route Ledger v1.30 Computerized bookkeeping system for newspaper carriers to track and maintain customer lists, route lists, collection.

DOS Program 649k 07/26/94 Buy sell negotiate financial investments.

Windows Program 631k 01/23/95 Parity stock charting prog for Windows, track history of investments.

DOS Program 87k 05/05/93 Calculation worksheets for Lotus 1-2-3.

DOS Program 15k 04/07/93 Financial analysis spreadsheets.

DOS Program 85k 03/09/94 Accounting program for real estate.

DOS Program 163k 03/05/93 Accounting/invoicing program.

DOS Program 266k 02/01/95 Scrooge v2.0. Retailer's analysis system helps maximise efficiency of your capital expenditure. Produces accountant's reports to save you money.

DOS Program 158k 05/25/94 "Service Tracker" billing and work orders.

DOS Program 293k 02/02/93 Interest analyzer/calculator.

DOS Program 351k 06/29/93 Budget management program.

Windows Program 216k 01/23/95 Create powerful technical/financial graphs Windows

DOS Program 197k 03/15/94 "Time Is Money" v2.3 Time and expense billing and accounting system.

Windows Program 90k 01/23/95 Time & Billing, clients, Tasks & rates Windows

Windows Program 935k 09/02/94 "StockTracker" v1.10 A Windows program that was designed for Compuserve members to monitor investments.

DOS Program 327k 12/17/93 Home business accounting program.

DOS Program 2k 08/12/93 Info on getting free credit report.

DOS Program 84k 02/18/94 "Universal Converter" 600 standard and non-standard calculations at your fingertips.

Windows Program 485k 09/02/94 "Visual accounting system for Windows" v1.0 application that uses linked spreadsheets and databases for ledgers, reports, compound transactions, etc.

DOS Program 342k 04/25/94 "Wall Street Tracker" v7.0 portfolio management tool.

Windows Program 43k 04/25/94 "Quick Amortization" v1.1 for Windows.

Windows Program 219k 09/02/94 Bank expert accounting program for Windows v3.2 A program which automates the use of your checking accounts.

Windows Program 421k 06/30/93 Windows 3.X Accounting/checkbook program.

DOS Program 338k 09/02/94 "Mutual fund expert accounting program" v4.3 Automates access to many families of mutual funds.

Windows Program 129k 03/15/94 "Winbond" v3.2a track and evaluate series EE savings bonds.

Windows Program 279k 08/12/93 Windows 3.X Checking/savings account program.

Windows Program 420k 06/22/94 "Financial analysis for Windows" v3.5.

Windows Program 525k 03/15/94 "Wealth Management System" for Windows v7.7 financial management/investment program.

DOS Program 235k 05/25/94 HP calculator emulation: financial/scientific.

DOS Program 299k 03/15/93 Employee payroll program disk 1/2.

DOS Program 253k 03/15/93 Employee payroll program Disk 2/2.


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